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Using Wax Melt Warmers

Written by Lataivia Tunstall


Posted on August 26 2020

Wax Melt Warmers are perfect for any space and inexpensive! They are well-lit (quipped with soft light) and provide great scent throw when used with one of our wax premium wax melts. They're also not too bad on the eyes making any space look stylish. They also allow you to create a relaxing and elegant space. Not only can warmers be used with wax melts but drops of essential oils can be added directly to the warmers’ plate and fill the room with your desired essential oil. 

Parents with small children (or even older ones lol) may not want to have an open flame around their kids but they'd still like their homes to smell good and feel comfortable. Wax Melt warmers are perfect for those parents because they are flameless, only required to be plugged in, and require less wax than a regular candle. 

Wax Warmers can also be used in office spaces, dorms, and other areas of the home and provide the same warmth, comfort, and scent as a traditional candle would.

Warmers are versatile and extremely underrated but they are of unbeatable value and are a great additions to any space.

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